Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Two Mini Projects Down, 4,387 To Go

Last weekend, Lobster got food poisoning or the flu. We're not real sure which it was. But he was out of commission Sunday through today. So what's a girl to do when her hubs is laid up in bed?

Paint something, of course!

Remember that time we painted our front door red? Well, we were so impressed with how easy it was that I decided I wanted to paint the interior of our front door black. Lately, I've been digging how black doors look in entryways so I wanted to see how it looked in our little cottage.

Just like when we painted the front of the door, we decided to use Rust-Oleum's Door Paint in black. I used an angled Purdy brush for the crevices of the door and a dense foam roller for the flat parts. In about 12 hours (including dry time) our door went from ho-hum:

To holy crap what have I done (after the first coat):

To Oooooh, me likey!:

I really like the impact it makes, don't you? So, the first time we did this, we had the door open for 6 hours or so and didn't realize how stinky the fumes of the paint were. This time, we had the door closed the whole time and I really think we were high on paint fumes the whole weekend. It was awful. I felt so bad for my pets. So please, for the love of God, open some windows or something when you're using this paint!

Oh, and here's my little entryway table with all of my fall decorations. Funny story, I got that mirror at an antique store that was going out of business for an absolute steal. I finally got it painted (it was a disgusting yellow and fake gold) and hung and I was so pleased with myself when, thirty minutes after it was hung, it came crashing down, shattering the mirror and busting the frame. I was so sad I cried. So I searched all my local antique stores for a suitable replacement to no avail. Fast forward one week and I'm shopping the Round Top Antique Fair with my sister when, lo and behold, leaning up against a random table stacked with odds and ends is the EXACT mirror! It was a MIRACLE! Not only that, but the woman who was selling it said it had been there for three days and she was just looking to get it sold so I got it for a steal....AGAIN! Once again, though, it was yellow and gold and I had to paint it but since I had done it once before, the process went pretty quick. This time, the mirror was already wired to hang (so I didn't wire it which was the problem the first time) and it has been hanging happily (and safely) in it's new home for a couple of weeks now. Yay!

Okay, tangent over. Moving on...

Anyhoo, the other thing I finally got done was hanging baskets on the wall in my guest bath. This was my inspiration for this project:

And here is my version:

Not too shabby, eh? I took the picture before I had all the towels put in the basket. I guess I got too excited. But you get the idea. I love how it adds storage for towels without taking up a whole lot of space in a small bathroom.

Oh, and do you notice the curtains under the sink? I took the doors to the cabinets off and installed two small tension rods and then hung some dropcloth material. Behind those curtains is the kitty litter box. I hated having the litter box out in one of our extra rooms and there is really nowhere else to put it so this was my solution to an unsightly necessity. The kitties took to it right away; they just slip in and out from behind the curtains and leave less of a mess trailing litter behind.

Anyway, they weren't big or hard projects, but it sure felt nice ticking something off of my to-do list!


AmericanBridget (Jones) said...

New reader here!

I never thought about painting the interior of my door black, but what a great idea. I just might have to try it. Oh, and the idea of hanging baskets on the wall for towel storage,love that as well. Might have to do that one as well!

Andrea said...

I'm loving the black door and fall decor!

Wiste said...

I love the litter box idea. It makes me wish I wasn't renting. I kind of like the basket idea, too. I might have to see what I can find at the thrift store.

I got one of my projects done this week by finishing the duvet cover for my bed. Next up is pillow shams!

M D said...

Nice post. I stumbled here through Pinterest. I was actually thinking of painting my front door a different color as well.
Where the yellow wall color from pls?

Anonymous said...

where did you buy the entry way table?

Anonymous said...

I really love the fall entry decor- makes me wish for my favorite season. Would love to know where the wood table came from?

Joy said...

I got the entry table at a local antique store. It was a steal!

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