Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Kaleidoscope Home Tours: The Seville

Last week I showed you some pictures of the first house we toured during the Kaleidoscope of Homes tour in Fort Worth. Today I'll give you a glimpse of the second house we strolled through.

This is The Seville by Village Homes. Here is a floorplan:

Honestly, Lobster and I agreed that this was our least favorite home on the tour. For us, the home was too boxy and didn't have enough "curves" to it. You know how sometimes when you walk into a space it feels "soft" or "hard"? This was definitely a "hard" house, if that makes any sense.

Upon entering the home, you come face to face with the staircase and a never ending hallway. On the right is a large dining room:

One thing I can say about this house is that there were a TON of windows and it was very bright. The rooms were also very big, but I did not like all the loooooong hallways. There were details in the dining room that I loved, however.

Like this little buffet area. Love the starburst mirror.

Love this giant crown thingy.

Love this chandelier.

The kitchen was also large but didn't have much architectural awesomeness beyond the beams on the ceiling and the great lighting fixtures.

When you took a left out of the entryway, you came upon this sitting room. This is the first of many sitting rooms in this house.

Loved this mirror. Hello, world!

The master bath was very large and, in my opinion, a bit of a waste of space. I loved all the marble, but the room was so huge that it almost felt like a museum.

Here is yet another sitting room at the back of the house. I thought the fireplace was gorgeous and you know I'm a big fan of all the bamboo shades in this place!

The bedrooms weren't much to speak of, hence the lack of pictures, but I thought this bedroom had a nice, simple, country charm to it (which, honestly, didn't fit the feel of the house, but whatever).

And here's the third and final sitting room in the large loft area of the upper floor.

I thought this courtyard, which was nestled in the middle area of the house and surrounded by the walls of the house on three sides, was a lovely little addition. I could enjoy some nice cool evenings out there sipping margaritas by the fountain, couldn't you?

So that's the second house for you. What did you think? Do you share my lukewarm feelings for it or were you a bigger fan?

I'll be back soon to show you the last house on the tour (it was Lobster's and my favorite by far!).

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Fly Away Home said...

I'm with you. LOVE the courtyard and how easily it is accessed by the other rooms.

The light is amazing and the fireplaces are great. Is this house calling for color (art, furniture, paint, maybe stunning wallpaper to make those bowling alley hallways more visually interesting?

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