Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Kaleidoscope Home Tours: Maison de la Normandie

Getting back to our home tours...

This is the Maison de la Normandie by Glendarroch Homes. This house was, by far, Lobster's and my favorite! Here's the floorplan:
The exterior of the house had me at hello, but then I walked inside. Oh, Lordie.

Those ceilings! The lighting! That floor! I was already drooling at this point...

The living room was open and elegant. Just enough light was flowing in from the large windows facing the backyard.

I loved the manliness of this office. It was gorgeous and refined and elegant and classy. But it had an old-world English aristocrat vibe going on that I loved.

The high tray ceilings and the colors of this room were perfect. And the little seating area (below) was fantastic and chic. I wanted to live in this bedroom.

The ceilings in the master bath were just as gorgeous as the entry hall. Can you imagine getting ready for work in this space? I'd want to dress to the nines all the time just to do my bathroom justice!

I loved the robin's egg blue china cabinets in the dining room. And look at that unusual ceiling!

This WILL be my kitchen one day. I swear it!

I thought this was an interesting concept: the small office nook inside of the mudroom/laundry room. What do you think about that? Good idea or bad? I can't decide...

I really liked this back patio area with the fantastic outdoor kitchen. I'd probably spend every mild night outside if I had one of these.

Here is Lobster's favorite part of the house: the upstairs "man" loft. Look at that bar! The lights changed colors every few seconds. Who wouldn't want a full bar, a big screen projection t.v. and a poker table in the upstairs loft?

This little upstairs bathroom blew my mind. Have you ever seen a bathroom in the round? I loved it! I can just imagine a little girl getting ready up there in the mornings and fantasizing about being a beautiful princess locked away in a castle tower, waiting for her prince to come.

One of my favorite rooms: the wine cellar! How gorgeous is that door? How amazing is the color of that wood? Be still my heart (and give me a glass of wine!).

I just had to look at those amazing ceilings again. Sigh...

So what did you think? Did you like the tour? Did your heart go pitter-pat over this house as much as mine? If only I had a million buckaroos...

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