Thursday, October 6, 2011

Just a Leetle Bit Behind...

So I may have mentioned in the past that I tend to create lots and lots of projects for myself. And every now and then I get a little lazy and fall behind. So my “To Do” list gets longer and longer and my “Done” list gets shorter and shorter. Lately, I've been feeling like I’ll never get anything done.

Of course, instead of tackling any one of the projects on my list, right now I’m just going to daydream about what my projects will look like when they’re done. Wanna see?

After paining my kitchen cabinets white, hopefully my kitchen will resemble the likes of these beauties:

Source: None via Joy on Pinterest

After stenciling the walls in my home office, I hope to be able to work in a room that has walls as nice as these:

After I paint the buffet/t.v. stand in my living room, I hope my t.v. will rest a little easier on something that looks like this:

After I repaint my guest bath and hang a few baskets, I hope my guests can take care of their “bidness” in a bathroom that looks a little like this:

After I paint the interior of my front door a glossy black, I’d love for my foyer to resemble these lovely spaces:

Does my list intimidate you as much as it does me? It doesn’t help that I’ve got guests coming to town or the hubs and I will be out of town every weekend in the foreseeable future. Can’t a girl just stay home and work her tail off and take pictures and blog about it? Is that too much to ask? Sheesh.

So, what’s on your To Do list? Are you drowning in projects too? I’m not the only over-ambitions DIY-er, right?

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Wiste said...

I hear this! I started a room makeover at the beginning of August, but it got derailed by issues with my roommate, with the end result being that I've been waiting for the last 3 weeks for her to leave so I can completely rearrange the apartment. For the bedroom I have left: finishing the duvet cover, making 5 pillow shams, making a pleated dust ruffle, hanging a shelf above the bed (after I move everything to the larger bedroom), redoing the clock face for a clock I got for $6 but the face was ruined by water, decoupaging posters to two wooden trays, painting 2 small and one large canvas, and stenciling the vanity drawers.

My brother is coming at the end of November and then my beloved will be home from deployment so I've got a LOT to get done in a very short period of time. Aside from that I also have to move all of his stuff here from his storage unit and clean and reorganize the entire place once the roommate moves out in 5 days. Whew.

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