Thursday, September 22, 2011

Case of the Shrinking Pants

Do you ever have one of those mornings where you're getting dressed and you decide to wear a pair of pants you haven't worn in a while that use to be a little big and when you put them on they're almost too small?

Yeah, that was the start to my morning. Very depressing. I'm chalking it up to my pants shrinking. Because I refuse to admit that, really, I've just gotten lazy and gained a few.

After my honeymoon, hubs and I continued to go to the gym but we weren't as crazy strict about it. Then we started letting ourselves eat a little less healthy every now and then. You know, a burger here and a pizza there. Then hubs got a new job with a pretty big pay cut and we knew we couldn't justify the expense of the gym anymore, so we cancelled the membership, vowing we'd use the neighborhood fitness room and jogging more outside. Good plan, right?

What we failed to realize was that north Texas would soon turn into Hell with over 100 degree temperatures for three months straight. Needless to say, we did not jog outside. And then we just got downright lazy and "forgot" to hit the neighborhood fitness room.

Fast forward to mid-September and we both feel like fat slobs. The reality is that neither of us are fat, but we both have a few pounds we could stand to lose. But we just don't have any motivation! It's amazing to me how I could go from being a 4-times-a-week gym rat to doing nothing at all and secretly loving it. How did it come to this? How do I get back in the groove?

In the meantime, I have a sneaky suspicion that when I go to try on some of my old winter clothes here in the next couple of months, they will have mysteriously shrunk too. Stupid shrinking clothes! Why can't I just walk around in yoga pants and an old t-shirt all the time? Who's with me?


Nikki Jo said...

If you both are feeling that way, then it will be much easier to get motivated to get back on track. It is a lot easier to want to be good when someone else does as well.

Good luck!! and those winter clothes WILL fit fine

Suz said...

I hate shrinking pants! It always seems to be my work pants that shrink the most so I have to endure them cutting into my belly and squeezing my thighs all day. But when I wear them it does remind me to eat less. Mainly so I won't bust a seam! :)

Stiltskin Studios said...

This made me laugh...I, too, went from a five-day-a-week gym rat to nada...picking and painting, listing, and blogging seem to have taken over my LIFE! (at least that's the excuse I'm rollin' with...)

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