Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Do You Bamboo?

I sorta fell in love with the look of bamboo blinds. Look how lovely they can be:

(all images via Pinterest)
I love the natural, casual yet still elegant element they add to a room. So, of course, when I sorta fall in love with something I generally find a way to make it happen in my own space. In this instance, I got lucky because Lobster and I had just taken down our boring white blinds to repaint the living room and I casually mentioned to him that this would be a prime time to install bamboo blinds instead of re-hanging the old white ones that "we" don't like anymore. 

He was not fooled. He knew that "we" meant "me" and that he was perfectly content with boring white blinds. 

But he loves me. So he just rolled his eyes at me, which I interpreted as, "Sure, honey! Whatever you want, domestic goddess of my heart!" I'm almost positive that's what he was thinking.

So I hopped on and lickity-split, I ordered the 7 bamboo shades that just happened to be sitting in my cart. Honestly, I have no idea how they got there. Really. Promise.

Only a few days later, my shades had arrived and we were more than ready to put them up after having absolutely no blinds in our living room windows for almost a week. It was creepy. Especially at night when we were literally on display like the mannequins in a department store window.

They were super easy to install, especially if you have a nice husband to do it for you.

Yeah, this was before they were installed in the living room. Hello, world! Please feel free to watch me in my home!

After installation--much better! The shades are easy to open and close and even when they're closed, they still let in a lot of natural light, which is what I wanted. For me, there is nothing worse than living in a dark cave. Lobster, on the other hand, would be happy to live in a dark cave because there would be no glare on the t.v. Really? Men!

I think they're much better than the boring old white ones we were rockin' for nearly a year. Of course, the old ones are stored safely away in the attic so that if we ever move, you know I'll be taking my bamboo shades with me! 

So, do you bamboo?


J. Bishop said...

Love the blinds and your blog. I'm a new reader and really appreciated your post regarding fear. Especially that it ends with your name...JOY, the perfect counter to fear!
Also love the your DH is sitting in the PINK CHAIR in this post! LOL

Joy said...

@Jeanean--I know! As much as he hated the Pink Chair, he admitted it was comfy. Now it's pretty too, although he won't necessarily admit that!

Ashley said...

Just stumbled across your blog - great inspiration for a new blogger! Hopefully my upcoming DIYs will turn out as great as yours!

PS: Totally doing the bamboo. Thanks for the idea!

Inspire Me Heather said...

Bamboo blinds have sure withstood the times, hasn't it? I've got this linked to my bamboo post too today, for inspiration!

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