Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Martha Stewart on Steroids

During the toast at my wedding my mom announced that I was Martha Stewart on steroids. We all got a pretty good laugh about that. Mom gave me the title because of all the things I created for the wedding: the cake stand, the escort cards/favor boxes, the welcome bags, table centerpieces and (the biggest task) all the bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages. Everything turned out great and I'm glad I did it because it saved me lots of money, but it nearly killed me. If I really were Martha on steroids, I could have done all that blindfolded and with one hand tied behind my back.

Honestly, have you ever tried to do any of the things Martha does so easily? She's a flippin' genius. I wish I were half as domestically adept as she is. Of course, she makes her living being a domestic goddess and has done so for a billion years now, while I make my living doing attorney things, so I guess she has a leg up on me. I guess I just started down the path of becoming a domestic goddess. I still have a lot to learn.

For example, tonight I am making part of my contribution to Thanksgiving Dinner. This is the first year that I will make a significant culinary contribution to the family table so I wanted to make something delicious. The first recipe I chose is called Pumpkin Surprise Muffins. Part of the reason I chose this one was simply because it allowed me to use our shiny new Kitchen Aid Mixer for the first time! So I got home from the gym today and pulled out all of the ingredients and lined them up nicely on the counter. I double and triple check the recipe to make sure I've got everything I need. I pull out my shiny new mixer and caress it lovingly.

Suddenly I realize I have no idea how to use the darn thing. So I run to the office and rummage through our pile of user manuals for all our new gadgets. I finally find the mixer manual and scan through it. Clear as mud. Right.

It takes me nearly ten minutes just figuring out how to put the beater blade onto the mixer. It takes me another five minutes figuring out how to remove and the replace the bowl. Another three minutes pass before I figure out how to effectively place the pour guard plastic thingy on the bowl. By this time, my "melted" butter is boiling and my eggs are starting to grow salmonella.

Meanwhile, on another burner on the stove, my ground beef is beginning to burn (I had decided it would be a brilliant idea to make dinner while also making my muffins). So now I'm dashing around the kitchen trying to remember which ingredients are going in my muffins and which are going in the chili for dinner. And to top it off, every time I turn around Killian is lounging just under my feet and I almost trip over him and eat it at least three times. Lobster is doing what he can to encourage and inspire me by yelling, "You're pretty!" and "You're the best wife ever!"

Finally, I think I have everything in order as I shove the muffin tin into the oven and set the chili on simmer. I'm sweaty and exhausted and all I want is a shower and a glass of wine. And at this point I wouldn't be surprised if we end up eating pumpkin chili or cinnamon burger muffins.

Martha, I salute you.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Mr. & Mrs. Lobster

Well, hi there! Guess what? I'm married!!!

I don't have the pictures yet but as soon as I get them I will be posting like a fool! In a nutshell, Lobster and I were happily wed on November 6 and the whole day couldn't have been more perfect! Everything went just as smoothly as it could have. The weather was amazing and I was as cool as a cucumber (shocking, right?). I think my four-page, down-to-the-minute itinerary probably helped. Ha!

The day after the wedding, Lobster and I flew the coup and headed to sunny, beautiful Cozumel. It was a beautiful and very relaxing week of fun in the sun. I will post those pictures too but I'm trying to do all of this in chronological order, so hold your horses. But, because I'm a kind and generous blogger, here's a sneak peek:

Of course, we had to come back to reality (boo!) and this week at work has been hard. But it is nice to be home and we were especially happy to see our fur-baby, Killian.

While we were away, my sister, Cupcake, and her fiance, Happy Pants, moved into their new house in San Marcos. I've been bummed that she's so far away but I really think that her moving while I was distracted by my honeymoon has helped me to not be so depressed about it. I am so happy for her and Happy Pants and I love to see them settling into their new life together. Change is hard for me and I'm especially close to Cupcake so it's hard to "let" her go, but she's not too far away. So, it'll be okay, right? Oh, and did I tell you that Cupcake and Happy Pants' house hunt will be featured on HGTV's "My First Place"? So cool! The show will air sometime next year and I'll be sure to keep you updated!

Anyhoo, lots going on over here at Casa de Lobster. I'm already crazy busy with post-wedding tasks, plus starting to help Cupcake plan her wedding in April. Oh, and decorating for Christmas, which I'm SUPER excited about! I heart Christmas!!!

So, stay tuned! Many exciting things are happening! Yay!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Fabulous Month of November

November is my favorite month. It has been for a long time. People often ask me why and it occurred to me that I didn't really know why. So I had to sit down and think about all the reasons why November is the most fabulous month of them all. Here's what I came up with:

  1. The beginning of chilly days and cold nights.
  2. Time to bust out my sweaters and cute boots!
  3. The anticipation of Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  4. Fall scented candles.
  5. Fall decorations: pumpkins and fall leaves!
  6. Pumpkin pie.
  7. Fires in the fireplace.
  8. Pumpkin Spice Lattes (great, now I need one).
  9. Only 30 more days until I can start listening to Christmas music 24/7 (I know, I'm a freak).

And the most important reason from now until eternity:

    10.  It is the month in which I will marry my best friend.

Yay November!!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Wedding Week: The Countdown Begins

Like many people, I'm the type of person that needs to get "pumped up" before big events. Music is generally how I put myself in the appropriate mindset. This morning while on my drive to the office I decided that there was no better time to start the "pumping up" ritual. It is the Monday before my wedding, after all. I need to get in the zone!

So what type of romantic, tear-jerking music does this bride-to-be listen to for maximum mind zoning?

First, I started with "Big Butts" by Sir Mix-A-Lot followed by "Big Pimpin'" by Jay-Z and Lincoln Park, concluding with "I Got 99 Problems, But A (BLEEP) Ain't One" also by Jay-Z and Lincoln Park.

By the time I pulled into my parking garage I had to fight the urge to start throwing air punches and growl at passers-by "LET'S DO THIS!"

I am nothing if not classy.
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