Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wife-ing is Exhausting

I'm pooped.

Who knew that trying to be a "good wifey" was so tiring? This weekend I don't think I sat down for 10 straight minutes. At one point, Lobster, while lounging on the couch and eyeballing me warily, shouted, "Stop moving!"

Sorry, hubs, but I've got stuff to do! For example, we ordered a kitchen table and a wine tower from Wal-Mart (hey, they've got pretty nice stuff these days!) with money my parents gave us for Christmas. I had Lobster put the wine tower together in one evening (thanks, honey!) but the giant box full of table-and-chair bits sat (annoyingly) in our kitchen for several days because we knew it would be a project. On Saturday morning, however, I had had enough with the giant box and before Lobster had even rolled out of bed, I was demolishing the box and organizing all the various and sundry pieces. By the time he shuffled into the living room, I had the table built and was starting on one of the chairs. At this he glared at me and said, "I should have known..."

By that evening (after a few breaks to run to a cupcake tasting for my sister, the new bride, and Home Depot for something random) we had a nice new dining set! Here's a picture I took with my cell phone:

Killian was very helpful in building the table. He laid down right under our feet the whole time. Good dog.

I forgot to take a picture of the wine tower, but it was placed in a little nook in our kitchen that was entirely useless...until we thought to put a wine tower there. Now it's our little "wet bar" area. It's awesome. But, because of the new wine tower's location, I had to move a little bench and a wall shelf that was hanging right next to it. It looked too crowded to me. Lobster thought it looked "fine." I think he just says that when he anticipates another project coming.

He was right to anticipate.

I couldn't handle the crowding, so I moved the wall shelf and rehung it in our entryway all by MYSELF! With a DRILL and BITS and ANCHORS and everything! And it was LEVEL!!! I was so proud. Lobster was so proud (and relieved that he didn't have to do it). It was a very eventful day for me.

Then, because I like to cram everything into one weekend, I decided to make homemade Shepherd's Pie for dinner on Sunday. This turned out to be an all day fiasco. Cutting the meat, sauteeing the veggies, mashing potatoes, etc. And while it was all cooking in the pot, Lobster and I got to work making homemade chocolate chip cookies. While doing laundry. And cleaning the house. And filing paperwork in the office. And playing with my new scanner.

I am tired. Did I mention that?


*uncorked said...

Damn lady, I'm tired just reading that. Relax.

Jennjilla said...

I think you did more in one weekend than I have done in a month. Whew.

Michelle said...

You sound like me. I am the list maker queen and don't like to carry things over the next day, so I just try to do it the same day!

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