Tuesday, December 21, 2010

One Fine Day: Prologue

I promised a while back that I would share with you some photos from the wedding as soon as I got my hands on them. Well, today is that day. Here is the beginning of my wedding story...

The morning had been a whirlwind of activity with me running around the city picking up my dress, getting my make-up done and transporting things to the church. I had done most of my emotional I'm-happy-but-kind-of-freaking-out crying in the car on the way to get my dress. I had about thirty cups of coffee to give me the energy I needed after a week of non-sleeping. Around one o'clock my mom met me in my room with some chicken salad (of which I had one bite) and some much needed water. We loaded up her car with my dress, the flowers and all the random things a bride needs on the big day. Finally, it was time to start getting ready.

As I arrived to the church, I was very calm and I remained so throughout the getting ready process. Everyone kept asking me if I was okay because I seemed eerily chill about everything. I think because I had planned the day to the last detail and everything was going according to schedule, I felt very peaceful. Sometimes it pays to be an obsessive planner!

As the bridesmaids started having their hair done, I just relaxed and chatted with my favorite girls.

Meanwhile, the boys were in the room down the hall watching Lobster pace back and forth.

After a while, it was my turn to get my hair done. My wonderful stylist had come all the way to the church for me so I wouldn't have to drive 45 minutes to her salon on my wedding day. I've been going to see her since I was 18 and I wouldn't have trusted anyone else on that day.

With my hair up and looking very bridal, my stylist added the finishing touch: my birdcage veil.

It had taken us several attempts to perfect how the veil was supposed to be placed and we were old pros by this point! Within seconds I had gone from "girl with a pretty updo" to "bride."

As I was getting my hair put up, my future mother-in-law came in and handed me a letter.

It was dated August 2008. She explained that, for whatever reason, just after Lobster and I started dating, she wrote Lobster a short note and mailed it to herself to be opened on the day of his wedding.

In a nutshell, the letter stated that I was the woman Lobster was going to marry. I am not one to be easily surprised, but I was a bit shocked to read that!

It was a very cool surprise for my wedding day.

With the rest of the girls getting ready (and helping the flower girl get ready), it was time to put on my dress.

As I stepped in, I realized just how momentous an occasion this was. This was the dress that I would wear for one day of my life. It was the dress my husband-to-be would see as I walked down the aisle prepared to promise myself to him. It was the dress in which I would dance with my father on one of the most special days of my life. As I stepped into my dress I felt for the first time like a real bride. I was no longer just chatting with my girls while everyone got prettified. I was no longer the bride-to-be. For this one day, I was The Bride. In this moment, my heart started pounding.

It took all my girls and my mom to strap me in.

My beautiful mother helped me put on my jewelry and my little sister helped me put my garters on.

Oh, and my shoes! I love my shoes!

I was all ready and it was time to make the short (long!) walk to the chapel. I met my dad in the hallway and he gingerly kissed my cheek. It was all we could do to keep it together.

Outside it was crisp and the sun was shining down. It was the most beautiful weather; exactly what I had hoped and prayed for. The bridal party and I waited outside the wood doors of the chapel and I watched as the most important people of my life entered those doors ahead of me. It was as if I were watching all these people step ahead of me from one chapter of my life into the next as they smiled joyfully at me, wishing me the best. Finally, it was just me and my dad. Again, we struggled to hold ourselves together but managed to put our game faces on just in time.

There was a pause. I heard the music inside the chapel change. They were playing my song and it was time for me to go. I waited and watched, ready for the doors to open so that I could take my first step into my new life. It was time...I was ready...

To be continued...

(Most photos taken by the amazing Cristina Wisner of Wisner Photo.)

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Becky said...

Beautiful! I love your birdcage veil! And that "moment" hit me too when I looked at myself in the mirror for the first time - hair done, makeup done, dress on - wow. Thanks for sharing these pictures - can't wait to see more!

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