Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday ROCKS

I have found some rockin' deals this week that I just wanted to share with you. As you all are probably aware, the Salvation Army has recently become my favorite store. Usually, I'll go there to wander the aisles on my lunch break looking at all the great furniture and antiques and books....oh, the books! Books never cease to delight me.

Yesterday, I found not only a few good books to add to my (astonishingly) expanding collection, but I also found a beautiful, empty journal (I am obsessed with beautiful journals) and a pristine calendar book that had an old-fashioned botanical print on each page. You may wonder why I'm so excited about finding a book about botanical prints. Well, I don't care for the book actually. It's silly. But the prints are a the perfect size to put into small frames and hang on my wall in a simple, yet lovely, botanical art collage. I shall call it my Wall Garden! If I can't keep a real garden alive, by golly, I will hang one on my wall! The prints are really lovely and have an antique look to them. I think it will turn out well. I'll be sure to post the project once I get to it. I know, I keep creating random projects for myself. I'm a glutton for punishment.

Oh, and another thing I found at the Salvation Army yesterday...brand new 7 For All Mankind dark jeans in exactly my size. I wasn't even looking for them. I just happened to spot them (I have an eye for my favorite brands). They were a whopping $6.99. I KNOW!!! I got over the fact that they were used jeans after I saw the price. Is that gross? Oh, well. It's nothing a good washing in hot water won't fix.

Today I scored some more deals. I got a free year's subscription to Golf Digest and BusinessWeek magazines for Lobster. And I got a free year's subscription to Town & Country (clearly, that one's for me). I'm on the lookout for free Better Homes & Gardens. I got a free Southern Living subscription last week! I'm up to my eyeballs in free magazines! I found all of these deals courtesey of Fantabulously Frugal. Go check it out!

And then my boss walks into the hallway and calls out, "Y'all leave at 5:00 today. I'm out!" (We usually leave around 6:00 because we get in around 9:00). I responded in my typical smart-ass fashion, "Did you say 3:00? Sweet!" He laughed like I was joking! The nerve...

AND (oh, yes, it gets better) guess who's driving his happy self up to see me right this minute? Yup, it's the Lobster!

It's going to be an awesome weekend. Y'all have the same!


Kelly said...

You sound so happy! I guess bargain shopping will do that to a girl. Score on the jeans (not gross at all).

Themis0307 said...

Haha. Thanks, Kelly. It's hard not to feel happy when Lobster comes to town. And yes, shopping always makes me happy...which is a very, very dangerous thing!

:: Jenna :: said...

you sound like me when finding good bargains! I just posted my latest splurge on good reads ....that i got from the salvation army got like 4 books for 5 dollars.

The jeans what a bargain tho! I can hardly ever find my size in a regular store let alone a thrift store! lol oh p.s. not gross ...I find clothes and they go right into a hot wash when i come home!

I think gross might be along the lines of shopping the goodwill salvation army for panties, socks or undergarments....but again my limits might not be anyone elses! lol but i say you saved $$ thats what matters in the long run!! and in these times when isnt that a good thing?! lol

anyways sounds like you are in for a great weekend! enjoy! :)

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