Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Freebies and Coupons

Hey, kids! I'm in the mood to spread the frugal love.

Need a coffee break? Click here for a coupon for a free 12-oz Seattle's Best beverage from any Borders store location.

Forgot your lunch? Swing by Boston Market and get $3 off any $6 or more purchase. Click here for the coupon. Or if you have a White Castle near you, click here for a coupon for a free slider!

Summer time is here (it's official on Sunday) and we all need to remember to protect ourselves and our loved ones (especially kiddos if you've got one) from sun over-exposure. Don't forget to slather on that sunscreen, but also sign up for a free pack of Sundiwear Stickers. They tell you your level of exposure by turning bright red! Click here to sign up!

And if you're in the mood to stock up on some cute summer clothes, head on over to J.Crew and use this coupon. Hurry, the offer expires at the end of the day on June 17 and is available online only!


Averill said...

Don't tempt me...I LOVE JCrew and I REALLY don't need to shop right now.

...Though 20% off is always nice...ACK. See? I'm so weak!!

complicatedv said...

it's not nice to tease with coupons and stuff while i am doing the essential living challenge. i've failed a few times, but overall i'm proud of myself. really wish it was closer to the end of the month though! i've lost some more weight and need some new clothes!!

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