Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend In Review

This weekend I had friends and family over for a little housewarming party. G drove up on Friday night and we spent all of Saturday preparing for our shindig. We started our preparations by heading to the farmer's market to pick up fresh eggs and chicken breasts and got the rest of the groceries and beer at Wal-Mart. We also made a mad dash to Home Depot to pick up grilling tools because G forgot his good set at home. Then G tended to the yard while I deep-cleaned the house and set the mood with candles and music. At one point during the flurry of activity, the Fed Ex guy came to the door. G answered it and signed for the package and when I turned to see what was going on I spied a very large box waiting to be opened. I looked at the box with bewilderment written all over my face. I certainly hadn't ordered anything that required a large box, and it wasn't my birthday or Christmas...then I looked at G's face and knew instantly that he was up to something.

Like a child at Christmas, I tore into the box with excitement and found the cute little outdoor lanterns I had blogged about in my Things I Covet post. I was shocked! I didn't think G read my blog (unless I forced him) and I certainly didn't expect him to buy me anything I posted about (which of course leads me to want to blog about more things that I want...hehe)! He is full of surprises, I tell you! Anyway, the unfortunate part about the whole surprise is that it stormed the entire day and I didn't get to use my loverly new lanterns. Stupid weather.

Anyway, despite the rain, we had a great time. G did a fabulous job (again) on the grill and we stayed up late playing the Wii and generally being stupid. Good times!

Sunday morning G successfully installed a new outdoor light fixture for me (he's so handy) since the old one has become increasingly annoying with it's strobe-like tendencies. Then he had to head back to his neck of the woods and I went in search of fine netting to drape over my tomato and strawberry plants to keep the evil birds and Fat Squirrel away. I haven't seen Fat Squirrel in action lately but I know he's there because he leaves me nice little holes in my garden on a daily basis. Evidently, he likes to hide his nuts in my flower beds. Grrr. I'm about to show him where he can hide his nuts...

Sunday evening I began the first book in the Twilight series. I know, I know. I'm a little slow on jumping on this bandwagon, but I saw the movie and knew I had to read the books. I don't care if they are written for sappy young teenage girls, if a story is well-written, I want to read it. So far, it's a very good book and I look forward to reading more. I'll keep you posted, but if you want to join me and read this book, you can buy it through Amazon just by clicking on the link in my "I Recommend" column to the right. Happy reading!

So that's all for my weekend in review. How was yours?


complicatedv said...

you should really get on pleeeeeease! just do it.

and i like the new layout!

Themis0307 said...

Oh, okay, V. But only because YOU asked me to.

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