Friday, May 29, 2009

Cruisin'...and a Coupon!

Today has been interesting. I've gone and committed myself to going on a 4 day/3 night cruise with a bunch of my law school girlfriends for a bachelorette party (hence my nifty little cruise countdown widget to the right!).

It's very exciting but I'm all bajiggity about it (yes, that's a word, just watch The Sweetest Thing). I'm excited because it will be my first cruise EVER (gasp!) and we'll be going to Cozumel and that will be my first time there too (double gasp!) and I'll be with a bunch of great girls that I haven't hung out with in forever and we're getting a superb deal ($350 per person). Sounds fab, no?

BUT I'm nervous because I have a hard time sharing a room with people (I'm a little weird about personal space), and I'm scared about the money (Can I really afford this? Should I really spend money on this?), and I know that excursions cost extra (again, the money), and alcohol is really expensive (but I have a few tricks up my sleeve for smuggling some booze on board. Shhh!). I guess my little quest for saving money with my Essential Living Challenge probably came at a good time because I will have to be scrimping and saving from now until October (when we cruise outta here) to afford it. But still, am I making a dumb decision by going???

I guess it doesn't matter if I made a dumb decision. I already said I'd go and, frankly, I WANT to go! I deserve a vacation! And this just might give me the motivation I need to continue to scrimp and save as well as focus more on good eating habits and intensifying my workouts to lose those stubborn last five pounds (eh, more like 10, but who's counting?) (no, you're right, I'm always counting) (grrrr). But committing to a big splurge like this is always hard for me. It makes me feel guilty for some reason. I probably need therapy or something.

Anyhoodle, in keeping with my newly found (and now even more necessary) frugaldom, I have found another fabulous coupon for you. Or list of coupons to be precise. You like Borders? How about coffee ( I love both, so click here and print out this page of coupons for great deals on books, magazines and DVDs as well as a coupon for a FREE small coffee! Woo!

Happy Friday all!


complicatedv said...


complicatedv said...

to clarify my earlier comment, i'm sad and jealous that you are going on the cruise. sad because i was planning on visiting that weekend, but now if you and bachelorette aren't going to be around, i'll have to rethink my birthday trip. jealous because, well, i haven't had a vacation or seen the ocean in three years. i know how much fun you will have, and yes you do deserve it!

Averill said...

I've never been on a cruise either, but Cozumel is GORGEOUS. Enjoy!

(And that countdown widget is v. cool...I may be stealing this idea for my blog.) :)

Themis0307 said...

Haha! Steal away, my friend!

I can't wait to see the beautiful beaches!

mmclaughlin said...

Hi, I don't know you but I came to your blog from V's blog. I just wanted to comment on this because I did the same thing for a bachelorette cruise a few years ago-- 4 day/3 might cruise to Cozumel... it was SO MUCH FUN!! Definitely a good decision, you'll love it!

Themis0307 said...

Thanks, mmclaughlin! I'm glad to hear you thought it was worth it. I'm starting to look forward to it more and more each day!

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