Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Weird Gym People

So, this past weekend I rejoined a gym that I had been a member of about two years ago. It's now closer to my house than the other, big, popular gym that I used to belong to until recently. And cheaper. And quieter. But with weirder people.

This morning at the gym I started recognizing a lot of regulars that I had seen there before. It’s funny how they’re all there still. What’s weird is that I don’t necessarily recognize any of their faces, I recognize their quirks. For example, there’s the tall skinny guy who always has sponges in his hands while lifting. Why not buy some gloves? And then there’s the woman who always does 30 minutes of the elliptical followed by 20 minutes of the same light lifting routine while wearing brown velvet pants and a white long sleeve shirt. Why velvet pants? Oh, and then there’s the skinny older lady who pretends like she’s lifting heavy (she’s not) and is always very serious while doing it and always wears her pony tail very tight and on top of her head. Why? For the love of God, why?

Now, I am all for rolling out of bed, throwing your hair in a ponytail, jumping into a pair of shorts and a tank and rushing off to the gym. Who has time to get all glamorous for a 5:30 a.m. workout? But, seriously...sponges, velvet pants and bad 1980's style punk rock hair? Not cool, people.

Not cool.

1 comment:

complicatedv said...

you are too funny. i'm more impressed at your ability to work out that early than your apparently awesome memory. you're my hero.

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