Monday, April 20, 2009

Random Quickie Thoughts

Don't have much time (or energy) to post today, so here are some random quick thoughts:

1. Blonder hair = tanner looking skin = happy girl.

2. Having a uterus sucks.

3. Home-made composting bin will be built this week!

4. The lawn grows back EVERY WEEK! Who knew? Must mow again...

5. Fat squirrel keeps eating my bird seed. Must kill fat squirrel...Okay, not kill. Maybe just break his little legs...Okay, I'm kidding. Gosh, you people have no sense of humor.

6. Mood swings from the pain caused by above-mentioned uterus = boyfriend scared for his life.

7. Losing the "last 5 pounds" is, evidently, impossible. Damn you, bikini season!

8. Me no likey the Monday.

Need expansion on any of these? Feel free to email me! Have a good Monday!

1 comment:

complicatedv said...

1. Agree!
2. Agree!
3. Ick.
4. Why I will not have a lawn until I'm married.
5. Kill!
6. Understandable.
7. "Last 5?" Yeah, I've got 40 to go before I hit the "last 5." No sympathy.
8. Agree!

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