Tuesday, February 3, 2009

This Just In: Blackberries Are Delicious!

I have been struggling with my weight since puberty. Maybe even before puberty. I was never an overweight child, but a mean boy made a comment when I was around 9 and ever since then I've been very body-conscious. Over the years, I've been on diet after diet, usually restrictive, and never truly satisfying.

Flashforward to law school, after having gained 50 pounds in college and then having lost it after I graduated, I start researching actual nutrition. I had tried Atkins, then South Beach, but I knew deep down there must be a better way of eating so that you didn't have to deny yourself things that were naturally healthy (like complex carbs). Slowly but surely I have taught myself the basic principles of healthy, natural, nutritious eating.

Now, I am one step further in my quest for finding the "right" way of eating. I have discovered a concept called "whole foods" and another concept called "organic foods." After reading In Defense of Food (see below post), it dawned on me that fruit and bread are not the enemy. Processed, highly industrialized foods are what is wrong with our society's way of eating. So I have tried to incorporate more whole, organic foods into my diet and do away with anything that is processed, "enriched," labeled "healthy" (because if they have to label it, someone is lying), or foods that have been "enhanced" with steroids, antibiotics or hormones.

All of a sudden, I have discovered delicious food! Blackberries, for example, are divine! Organic strawberries are like a warm summer day in your mouth! Blueberries, raspberries, apples! Who knew food could taste so good? Not to mention the taste of grass fed beef and fresh veggies sauteed in olive oil. YUM! I am determined to continue this way of eating, hopefully forever. And my itch to garden has steadily increased to where I'm about to go out and buy some baby tomato and lettuce plants...

...and a blackberry bush! YUM!


Bill Santiago said...

It is so disturbing to think about how derranged our modern diet has become when there is better flavor in that which nature has provided. The hardest part I find of eating unprocessed food though, is incoporating enough greens into my diet.

Michelle said...

You give me the inspiration to eat an orange tonight after diner vs. the ice cream that is in the freezer! On Sunday, I went to the local farmers market and got a bag of small oranges. I feel good when I buy my produce there or Tom Thumb. I trust them too b/c Allen works there. FYI. Tom Thumb has the #1 most healthy food options in the US! This is due to the variety of organic foods, and the O brand they have which is all certified organic. Allen just found this out on his last conf. call. Have a great night.
I miss you.

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