Monday, February 16, 2009

EXPENSIVE Valentine!

My wonderful boyfriend, G, drove up to spend Valentine's Day with me. Our plans were to spend some quality alone time together and cook our own gourmet dinner. We had it all planned out: rack of lamb, rosemary potatoes au gratin, and blood orange custard cups. We were excited!

Life had other plans.

For the past two weeks my old car has been acting up. Originally, I was going to drive this car until it took it's dying breath. Apparently, it decided to start the dying process over the past two weeks, and in dramatic fashion. When it started completely shutting down on me while I was driving down the highway at 60 mph, I decided it was time to re-evaluate my plan to wait on buying a car.

So, G and I decided it would be fun to go look at cars this weekend. You know, spend a few hours in the morning seeing what kind of deals are out there. No big deal. Do a little research and then head home to start making our romantic dinner. Yeah... We ended up spending all day at car dealerships and we didn't get out of there until 8:30 pm. Needless to say, dinner was off.

But the silver lining was this:

That's right, dear readers! I walked out of there as a proud new owner of a 2009 Glacier Blue Honda CR-V. I couldn't be more excited! It was my first time ever buying my very own car. G was an amazing asset. He helped (more like took charge) with negotiations and helped me to make some hard and thoroughly confusing decisions. I couldn't have done it without him! We were so exhausted by the time we drove off the lot that all we wanted to do was go home and watch a movie. We stopped at the ever-romantic Chili's for a quick bite and then went home and passed out.

It was not the romantic weekend I had hoped we'd have, but it was such a relief to me to have him there for this stressful, but exciting, event. He's a total keeper. And I love my new car!


Jennjilla said...

Hooray for a new car!

*uncorked said...

awesome about the car! i bought my first new car last year and love it. you're lucky you had him there with you, i brought my dad. i know we're supposed to be old enough and smart enough to buy cars on our own, but they think of things we wouldn't ask, right? anyway, congrats on the car, i was half-hoping to be able to congratulate you on something else, but that will come later i'm sure.

p.s. when are you coming up to visit me????

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